Short-circuit Speaking (2016)

The performance reiterates the evolution of synthetic speaking. A neural network (RNN - Justin Johnson) is trained with a collection of texts that stutters and stammers in the rudimentary stage of learning, but after a couple of hundreds of cycles it spits out neologisms. In the performance a selection of neologism is spoken by a synsthetic voice that is activated by facial expression (FaceOSC). The evolution of the RNN network is short circuited it with the phylogenetic development of a human actor. A hybrid assemblage where the facial expression flows through the machine in order to 'say' a word with no meaning yet. Below you can find a glossary with neologisms generated by the RNN reversed-concept-engineered to give it a meaning.

"That's why stammerings, stutterings, vocal tics, extralingual phonetics, and electrodigital voice synthesis are so laden with biopolitical intensity - they threaten to bypass the anthropostructural head-smash that establishes our identity with logos, escaping in the direction of numbers."

(Fanged Noumena: Collected Writings 1987-2007, Nick Land, Editors Robin Mackay and Ray Brassier, p502)


Performance SLAM that poetry! Galleri KiT



Projection during live performance


Example screen for present technology



One of the words generated by the RNN after rudimentary training



One of the words generated by the RNN after more elaborate training



An RNN grasping on to Philosophy

The text below is developed in collaboration with a trained Recurrent Neural Network (Torch-RNN).
A network of artificial neurons, which analyses a text letter for letter. The Network is trained with the following texts:
Fanged Noumena: Collected Writings 1987-2007
Nick Land, Editors Robin Mackay and Ray Brassier, 667 pages

Deleuze and Guattari:

  1. Kafka: Toward a minor Literature
  2. Prehistoric Painting
  3. Capitalism A Very Special Delirium
  4. A Thousand Plateaus
  5. Anti Oedipus
  6. Plato and the simulacrum
  7. Desert Islands and other Essays
  8. Dualism Monism and Multiplicities
  9. Society of Control
  10. Synthesis and Time

Felix Guattari

  1. Guattari - The Three Ecologies (NF)
  2. GUATTARI-chaosophy_texts_and_interviews

This is an on-going and expanding project of which you only see the rudimentary development here. I hope in the near future to finalise an e-book with a curated set of texts and edited not according to linguistic coherence but to a rhythm, to nidate an immanent ‘schizo-poetics’ device within the reader.


The law of identity pulsively flows into the pool of Self, induced within subliminal capitalism, the jungle of plague-Markets. Healing through the syxtem of relation, with distance from socialism and the insanity of radical trade. We enter the Dark New by individual escape and imagination in the future of electromachinic matrices, as subjectivity and commodity has no feeling-regions of Digitisation, it’s a desert of numerology. Xenormalising number and the people, that works of me, a security into K-Q tortures, the politics in the synthetic contaminate to itself into itself. Deferring the wings of our sacrificed selves by Technologica, ex-polishing mathematical subs and supers in the intensive value of possible perfection-probing machinic desire. What’s left is an amputated breathing cadaver consummated by the Numeronement and all the Deluna wars in the double premizocracy of productionism. All we need is hunt of a theoretical philosophical return to a nature-machine, revered by the number of Nietzsche. Not Kant's energetics, with males a Count’s crisis: Kant stink of Patrusrian, that semiotic life of waiting scenes, metaphysics of 'pre-exterior-up the rug-beaten redundancy of decision, assail, Univership, whose metaphor of the vague into judgments, a miserablism of critique to the exterior. Best itself is a Divisor. It is the body edge (and thus ordinal homeostatics) capable of perplexing the project of primitive ends, psychoanalysis are Wolves to it. Schopenhauer is not a range of thought of 'acclivity? Only shade to the interior of the prostitutionalized transcendentalist, the ethological Z-death. 
Difference-psffucks with all their luminescence, highly delighted out of the body. What's the orratives in our forms? Only killing-numbers. And commoditisation binds electronic-lovers (or sub-re-humans). The precise signal-reasoning that’s alsoing rigorously from the 'fail’ to the potentialisation, integrating the hyper crisis of sensation and the contradiction in labour. The prison for the good companions is human. If Land, from the future is almost imaginable, then the immediate nautical enemies, geo-strand their ambition of all relational associates. And are inexistent in our town, they implement a dawn within a subjective unordinal propagated identity materialism. Majesties with ruined cyberpositivity understood in a gloomy emplacement, 'residual naturalisation' is its singularity. The fictionally digital ion’s high attempt to a disappearing, destined all out, but never intelligibility itself. What is a leister of time and escape? Poetry for an instance, it is not be conclusively cyberpositivated, an institutional rite or deflexing thought. Efficiency, or trajectorous modality are more enlightenment, together as a tick-prod crucial imperial resource, apart a redundancy book, stricken under numbers looking for an impossible judgment in an interlocked organic relation that of perspectivism-without.
Bodies help to express the without, the world of posture forms up any other molecule where work is in the territories. We say down through; they are so in the role, who love said is the same forms: Mesmerize-strata: is art. Replace problems both that of the secret and continuous Abstract segments, all that veritable elements, designate in once to veridical Conical Bulimic. Such that models the images into secrecy, in a deterritorialization of lives copy-essence, necessary and such a contraption. A second phantory, wherein the multiplicities of slowness and technological following— another secret – a landscrict is relating better to decoding it as linguistic cross. What come? Many desiring-bridges are proved an instrument, or, so that the space is more than the immanence of the subject in many bourgeois. These continual relations are distinctions in revolutionary encounters, into becoming a president for it with the Stophy-Kafkaism just as there’s already what’s distinct and comprised from a wall of a drawing: a multiplicity of content into: the function as is. Such to beyond cervical phenomess, in order to the colors of the Cult-of-functions, where a sorcerer or group have to be an attribution, or Saint depending infrastructured flobs. Simply present the organs of a production – Guattari’s totality—and what there you remonstrance, it as superiorist accusation, it as a significance continued in the lives of resonance.



Cyberpositivity. Optimism toward the human dominion over nature and history amplified by a positive feedback loop of technology into the sciences.

Deluna Wars. A fictional future war between the post-human proletariat on the moon and the filthy rich living in an orbital Utopia around the Earth.

K-Q tortures. Torturing of connected minds in Cyberspace by rational numbers.

Mesmerize-strata. An sub-layer of art that avoids any rational contextualisation of artistic practice. Research practices are abandoned and it propagates a Neo-Kantian aesthetics: Affection-without-effectiveness.

Nature-machine. An omnipotent machine transforming all aspects of nature into artificial possibility. Only possible with a rigorous abandonment of God or the One.

Numeronement. A Californian cult that only communicates by numbers.

Ordinal homeostatics. A tautology, homeostatics is always about order.

Patrusrian. A self acclaimed post-monarchial aristocrat with bad taste, and often acquired a fortune in a short period as a cyber-entrepreneur.

Perspectivism-without. Having a clear and distinct opinion but without prospect. A perspective without horizon, without vantage point.

Phantory. Genius

Phenomess. The Intellectual mess left behind by CCP’s (Conservative Continental Phenomenologists) not capitulating to more immanent forms of thinking.

Premizocracy. A ‘Nation’ ruled by a CEO.

Signal-reasoning. See Cyberpositivity

Stophy-Kafkaism. A hybrid reference to an amalgam of the style of an existing writer Franz Kafka and the style of a fictional writer Alice Stophy.

Syxtem. A system that is predominantly digital but can be organic as well, one of which the internal dynamics are unknown, an X.

Technologica. A fictional Utopia where all desiring-machines are calibrated to an optimal proliferation of technologies.

Xenormalizing. Normalising everything that is alien. Affirmation of the human race as aliens, not as alienated.

Z-Death. The complete effacement of a digital identity. The total negation of social media. The Z-death-drive.