The blob as thought (2017)

The web performance was presented during a course provided by The New Centre for Research and Practice. The course integrative Object II: Art Practice & Philo-Fiction was facilitated by Alice Rekab and Anne-Francoise Schmid. In the light of creating a generic space of art and philosophy i presented a digital performance of a “screen in a dark room to receive the species, that is not uniform but is diversified by folds representing items of innate knowledge; and, what is more, that this screen or membrane, being under tension, has a kind of elasticity to active force.” The screen is a connected membrane of live footage and a superimposed voice controlled animation. The ‘object’ exposed within the performance starts with a line drawn live between two dots on paper, that permeates a dimension and becomes digital. The line continues through several transformations – transubstantiations – i.e. triangle, Platonic Solid (Icosahedron), to eventually end up as a pulsating blob on screen, perturbed by an invisible cylinder.


The Platonic One (point) as beginning


Multiplying the one to the double, and so one (The Line)


Moving out the Dialectic Trinity to create a deformity


Multiplication (folding)


The blob as Contemporary Thought


The present demanding a change in topology




This script maps a theoretical evolution of the blob and how this evolution is an analogy to the history of Philosophy, up onto the present. It origins in the point as an absolute and multiplies into a line, triangle and platonic solid -> This is the domain of Greek Classical Philosophy. From that moment it needs to leap out of the ideal into the real, space, but in order to create space we need to add a light, the philosopher is the one that adds light to the world, but can he also add color? From there on we mutate the 4th Platonic solid, the dodecahedron (all ten sides are the same)Description: Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:n_:jvjxxcws56l4gydkynf24f_c0000gn:T:TemporaryItems:Dodecahedron.jpg into a blob. The blob is representative as a ‘thought’ object of the present that is an heterogeneous adhesive to saturated thought, it can be true and false at the same time, left or right, good or bad. It breaks with any linear thinking and is a metaphor incognito, interchangeable for anything else. In order to create a perspective we need to perturb the blob to create a hole. Where the hole becomes a metaphor of the present and its surface the relation between past and future -> (Anne-Francoise).
The hole in the blob is also a clear Boolean logic of Difference or a break with an existing regime of knowledge= Epistemic break = BLOB + HOLE =Local temporary axiomatic suspension



  1. Logitech webcam C920 For live footage Top-View
  2. Pure Data: file Mathematical_Blob.pd Activation of Moving Image
  3. Audio Analyzer OSC : OpenFrameworks Voice analysis for activation
  4. Wekinator: Machine Learning Software Voice classification

Script Highlited text are active parts of the superimposed image on screen

> THE POINT Start lecture from Euclidean space: Draw point on Paper
The paper = space of invention -> The •
Dot = representative mathematical point =
non-conceptual concept of non-contradiction =
"that which has no part" not form nor matter

> TWO DOTS     Distance and orientation Draw another point on Paper
                                Polarity and Contradiction

> LINE    Draw line between points on Paper
One         : A uniform repetition of a singularity (Dogmatic, idealism)
Two        : An infinity between contradictions (Dialectic)
Three     : An edge no inside or outside, articulation of separation, inclusion/exclusion

> IDEALIST and REALIST LINE hand drawn line, and the digital line
Voice activation ‘Exclusion -> Digital line superimposed on screen
> EUCLIDS 5TH POSTULATE The parallel postulate, mutilated 
                  Separation of real and ideal
                  Paper and digital

> TRIANGLE Voice activation ‘Multiplicity -> Digital line becomes a triangle
                  Multiplicity with Inside and Outside
                  = Plane  Space
                  exterior view -> Socratic dialogue
                  Trinity = inequality
> LIGHT Voice activation ‘Cave -> Light is added to Triangular surface
                  Allegory of the cave
                  Philosopher power over torch
                  Shadows = Non-Euclidean space
                  Object reflecting back into itself -> outside is revealing substance
> PLATONIC SOLIDS Voice activation Dodecahedron -> Adding vertices to object
                  Particles of matter
                  Idealist Universals
                  Eidos = form & Idea = Characteristic       
> PLATO MUTATION Voice activation ‘Mutation -> Rotating and morphing Dodecahedron
                  Solids = uniformity with distinction
                  Matter’s spirit? Velocity, Gravity, magnetism, etc.
                  From surface to Volume
> BLOB Voice activation ‘Blob -> Transmutation of Blob
                  Milieu <-> Substance (Extrinsic Dynamics)
                  Surface <-> Volume (Intrinsic Dynamics) = Consistent
                  Malleable Concept  No Theory or Postulate
                  Entropic Metaphor  Iso Concept
                  Oscillates Between liquidity and solidity = fluid identities
> BLOB HOLE Voice activation ‘Topology -> Blob is perturbed by cylinder
                  Inside on Outside with Boolean Logic
                  Without boundaries with orientation
                  In need of orientation, time and space orientation = consistent
                  Hole = present

                  Surface = Relation past and future